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             OHERN Institute  •  Bowling Green, Ohio 43402  •  A Research Division of All Aboard Ohio

Architecture - Train Stations

2012 Toledo Train Day Presentations - Union Station, Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza

Professor Salim Elwazani, Ph.D. and John Ryan, Instructor, at Bowling Green State University’s Architecture and Environmental Design Department, along with six of their students, presented selected exhibits of student work at the 2012 Train Day, Union Station, Toledo, Ohio. 

Mitch Blackkolb, student presenter, 2012 Toledo Train Day

One is guided through this structure by a series of trapezoidal ribs, which rotate and transform in scale and one continues through the building.  The rigid geometry helps illustrate a sense of security, while the overall flow remains continuous along a main axis.  Subsequently, the amount of void spaces allow the building to be exposed in areas of high energy so that one is able to sense the engagement of networking and unity via the exteriors as well as the interior.

Victor Maier, student presenter, Toledo Train Day, 2012

My concept is about absorbing light into the train station by strategically offsetting curved roofs and structural support.  This allows direct sunlight to illuminate the space within.  The curved forms are repeated throughout.  Following the rhythmic pattern of the tracks that are located on the west side of the building.  The smooth curved surfaces and uniques buttresses of the train station stand out from the rest of the city to bring new and exciting life to Bowling Green as well as bringing communities together.